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The tenth edition of St. Jerome's Laneway Festival New Zealand is all set for Monday 28 January 2019. Please see below the form for media or photography passes as well as interview requests.

We work really closely with media in the lead up to the festival to help fans get to know the artists and their music, and hear about what to expect on the day. We're really grateful for the media support we receive and we're keen to find out about particular artists you'd like to cover. Please keep in mind that there is limited access to artists so please bear in mind that while we do our best to accommodate requests, it's better to request more interviews than fewer, so that you've got a higher chance of getting to talk to a few of your priority acts.

We also have to work in with international time-zones - so please be as flexible as you can.

Applications for reviewers and photographers are now open.
We are only able to accept applications on behalf of news and music outlets, via the editor where possible.
Applications cannot be accepted by freelance photographers or writers unless they have been approved/commissioned by their editor.

Media passes are extremely limited and we advise you to purchase a ticket if you don't want to miss out.
Media tickets are for media who are working on the day - not guest passes.
Only one reviewer ticket and where appropriate one photographer pass will be allocated to approved outlets (i.e. no plus ones).
In cases where there are multiple requests from one outlet, we will revert to the editor for clarification.

Please note we cannot accommodate students on work experience, social media influencer pages or photographers hoping to shoot for their portfolios.

Applications for review or photo passes must be submitted by FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2018. You will be advised in due course if your application has been approved.

Thanks again for your continuing support of St. Jerome's Laneway Festival.

For more information on Laneway Festival or to book tickets, please go to:

Media enquiries:
Nancy Blackler

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