Cheney Breakfast/Lunch Sign-up
Please complete the order form below to order breakfast and lunch for your children for the week of 4/13-4/17. Students do not have to be enrolled in Cheney schools to participate. Monday, you will receive 2 lunch and 2 breakfast meals, Wednesday you will receive 2 lunch and 2 breakfast, and Friday you will receive lunch for Friday and breakfast for Monday. Meals are free for all participants, regardless of income status.

If at all possible, children need to be present for pick-up/delivery of meals. If the children are unable to be present, the parent/guardian of the children may pick up meals for their children. Please mark the form accordingly as we will be tracking this.

We will send this order form out each week via email so we can order the appropriate amount of food. Please only submit one order per week.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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Number of children (ages 1-18) for meals Monday (April 13) *
Number of children (ages 1-18) for meals Wednesday (April 15)
Number of children (ages -18) for meals Friday (April 17)
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