Tasmanian NMBI petition
To the Parliament of Tasmania

We petition you to enact legislation to ban all new investment in projects that contribute to global warming. Bans should apply immediately where safe alternatives are already available.

Climate impacts are already killing people and destroying ecosystems. Every new climate-damaging project that is approved puts us all in even greater peril and makes recovery even harder. It is a failure of Parliament's duty of care if new projects that increase the threat of disastrous climate impacts are permitted or encouraged. It is madness for us to allow governments to get away with putting us at risk. We deserve better.

As a first step, this ‘no more bad investment’ legislation should rule out all new fossil fuel projects and all biomass power generation using native forest wood. No new fossil fuel exploration or extraction. No new gas infrastructure. No extension of gas reticulation networks.

Tasmania's electricity grid already often supplies 100% renewable electricity. We have abundant hydroelectricity which can function as grid-level storage, so we could phase out fossil fuel electricity completely simply by building a bit more solar and wind capacity.

Tasmania could be the first jurisdiction in the world to ban all new fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure. It makes no sense to extend the gas reticulation network to new areas and to continue to allow the sale of gas-fired appliances when Tasmanian all-electric households already often run entirely on renewable energy.

There is no need to put our people and ecosystems at greater risk by allowing investment in new climate-damaging projects.

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