United Caltrans Tenant Intake Form (Formulario de admisión del inquilino de United Caltrans)
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What year did you begin renting from Caltrans? (¿En qué año comenzó a alquilar de Caltrans?) *
Were you living in the Caltrans property prior to 2012? (¿Estabas viviendo en la propiedad de Caltrans antes de 2012?) *
When you signed to rent the house, did an agent promise you that Cal Trans would eventually sell them the house?
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How many people live in your home & are listed in your rental contract? (¿Cuántas personas viven en su hogar y están incluidas en su contrato de alquiler?) *
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Please provide more details about your issue(s) here. (Proporcione más detalles sobre su(s) problema(s) aquí.)
Who have you contacted about this issue? When? What was the outcome? (¿Con quién se ha contactado sobre este problema? ¿Cuando? ¿Cuál fue el resultado?)
Do you get yearly inspections but nothing is ever done or have incomplete fixtures?
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Are there any abandoned homes near by your home? If so how many? (Hay Casas abandonada cerca de tu casa?)
We're documenting tenants stories would you be willing for us to document your story? (Estamos documentando historias de inquilinos. ¿Estaría usted dispuesto a que documentemos su historia?)
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