Neuroimaging Quality Control Survey
This is a request from the INCF special interest group on NeuroImaging Quality Control (niQC), with the goals to standardize and develop best practices for QC and Quality Assurance (QA). Learn more here:

This survey is intended to get a sense of various types of QC that is done in the neuroimaging community during the "full life-cycle" of neuroimaging research, including but not limited to data collection, preprocessing, intermediate outputs and final results.

Please share this survey widely, with your colleagues and across your collaborators via this link: . Thanks!

Find out more about joining this effort to standardize QC here:

This survey has been approved by the Research Ethics Board of the Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, ON, Canada. This survey is fully anonymous and we do not track anything. We plan to publicly release your input, in its raw form as well as in various forms of aggregate summaries. In addition, we plan to analyze all the responses in various ways including, but not limited to, identify challenges our community is facing, develop protocols, compile manuals, improve tools, publish the results of analyses, make recommendations for best practices, as well as anything else the group considers necessary to advance its mission. Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw from this survey anytime.

We need your informed consent before proceeding to the actual survey in the next page.

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