Share Your Vision to Shape New ICSI – 2022
The year 2017, a landmark year, when ICSI is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee, is also a year, when along with celebrating the 50 glorious years of our profession, we also need to make a profound introspection of the journey travelled so far, so that we can pave the way for the journey to come forward. The challenge before the profession is to meet the expectations of all stakeholders; be it our students, members, trade and industry, regulator including society at large.

As while unveiling his vision 2022 ‘New India’, Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi expressed “I have a milestone of 2022 when India completes 75 years of Independence. We all should take a pledge, of something good, that, we want to contribute to the country and promise to fulfill that pledge by the year 2022. If we are successful, no one can stop India from becoming a world power.” Adopting the “New India” vision in the ICSI way, we have also thought of drawing a ‘Vision 2022’ for ICSI so that our fraternity can proudly be a part of “New India, New ICSI’ dream by the year 2022.

The implementation of this Vision 2022 will certainly ensure whole New ICSI, therefore, ICSI is working in line with ‘Reform, Transform and Perform’ Mantra of the policy makers of India. While doing this, we invite your active participation to ‘Reform’ ICSI through vision 2022; so that ICSI can ‘Transform’ its pedagogy for those who have to ‘Perform’ extraordinarily make ICSI a Global Leader in Corporate Governance, thereby paving the way for National Governance by the year 2022.

Having a glance at the numbers, under present distance learning mode, only 4,000-5,000 new members are churned out of a huge student pool of around 4,00,000 students in ICSI. Other related issues being training and examinations. This has been opined that this system has a shadow on the quality and has created a demand-supply imbalance in the years gone by.

The alternative to that is a regular CS course through which students are grilled in the boundaries of a class room environment to surmount the limitations of distance learning mode and by inducting quality strata of students at a very initial stage itself. Therefore, we are inviting your valuable opinion to chalk out the roadmap for future. The aim is to build a force of World Class Governance Professionals of course. Kindly express your valuable views on :

Which roadmap out of the following ICSI should adopt in future for the Company Secretaryship course for its students so as to Groom World Class Governance Professionals out of the alternatives given below?
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