Mel's 2-Minute Survey
Ready to enter into my heart as favorite reader ever? Answer the questions below and you're there! P.S. You'll also be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!
What types of recipes do you want to see more of on Mel's Kitchen Cafe? check all that apply
Is there a specific recipe/food you'd like me to perfect and post to the blog this year? If so, what? (I already have the best white cake on my radar)
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Would you like to see more videos on Mel's Kitchen Cafe? If so, what kind?
Short top-down speedy videos of mystery hands making a recipe
Longer cooking-show style videos of Mel making a recipe (and probably cracking a few dumb jokes)
I don't watch videos on food blogs, but thanks
What type of chocolate is your favorite? Possibly the most important question of the whole survey.
Anything else you're dying to say or add? I'm listening!
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