The YA Giveaway Queens: Reader Group
Are you a YA Reader and want free ebooks? Then you are in the right group. From time to time on Thursdays we'll be gifting FREE young adult books. To be eligable for a gifted book please -
(1) NOW : Complete the Google Form to capture your email address so it's not public;
(2) WHEN GIFTINGS ARE POSTED Comment on the gifting post that you want the FREE ebook;
(3) AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR GIFTED BOOK show a snap shot that you've claimed the ebook.

Important Links:
Reader Signup:

Please read how to CLAIM YOUR GIFT here:

*Note: All gifted books will be for Kindle ebooks (from time to time, we may do iBooks).
**Note: You must claim the ebook by midnight the day it's gifted.
***Note: You must have a US Amazon account (sorry, this is their rule of gifting; not ours).
****Note: The email adresses used cannot a Kindle address, but can be the same address used to log into your Amazon account.

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