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Teaching Artists must complete this form by deadline indicated for season below in order to be considered for Art Center East's Programming. Please select which season you'd like to teach. *
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IMPORTANT! Please upload a few photos that are a good representation of the class (a photo of what you will make or an action photo of people doing what you will teach them to do). The better the photo (if it's a process photo, show people; if it's a photo of the "result," make sure it's not blurry), the easier it is for us to promote your class. We will use your images on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page (@artcentereast), and in our newsletter. Upload one to three photos of your finished products, workshops, or events to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your website, and copy/paste the link below. *
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- List required supplies per student (supplies will be purchased for your class by Art Center East). Please attach list separately if necessary. All leftover supplies will remain under ownership of ACE. *
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- List unusual supplies that must be supplied by Teaching Artist please include cost of these supplies per student. Please attach list separately if necessary. *
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Minimum Students: 3 (set by ACE) Maximum Students: ___ (set by Teaching Artist) *
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We at Art Center East respect and appreciate our Teaching Artists. We will do everything we can to make ACE a welcome and functional venue for you and your students.
Teaching Artists, however, are not employees; but independent contractors. You will be representing ACE and held to the utmost professionalism while on the premises. (ACE does not provide instructors with workers compensation or any other benefits).
Youth Teaching Requirements:
- All teaching artists planning to teach children 13 and under must complete an Oregon Criminal History Information form at least two weeks prior to their class if proposal is accepted. The Oregon Criminal History Information forms are available at https://www.oregon.gov/osp/ID/docs/crim_history.pdf. Processing fees will be paid for by ACE.
- Student safety is important. Therefore, youth Teaching Artists are strongly encouraged to use the ACE form provided for student sign in and pick-up information.
Marketing & Publicity:
- Art Center East promotes all of our programming to 8,000 people in Baker, Wallowa & Union counties through paper copies published as an insert in The La Grande OBSERVER. Digital copies of each schedule are emailed weekly to our email list of over 1,200 people. ACE also creates an Event Page on our Facebook for each of our programs (partnerships excluded from facebook events and are responsible for self promotion). In addition each schedule is featured each month at the Granada Theatre and on numerous community calendars as well as on community listservs.
-​ Please keep in mind that the prerequisite of 3 students may not always be achieved. To avoid class cancellation, we encourage Teaching Artists to recruit students and market their classes in addition to ACE advertisement. Doing your own promotion is important and may make the difference!
​-​ Word of mouth, personal invitations, and flyers have proven to be the most successful for our current Teaching Artists.
​- ​Consider sharing Art Center East’s Facebook event of your class on your personal page (they are published approx. 10 days before the class start date). If you aren’t sure how, please contact Sarah (sarah(@)artcentereast.org). We want your class to happen. Please reach out if you have questions about the best way to promote it.
Cancellation & Rescheduling:
- Given the expenses and time involved in making classes available to our communities; Teaching Artists who fail to be present or cancel a class at anytime are subject to a $75.00 fine. (Serious medical or family emergencies are exempt from fee.) Rescheduling with a cancellation fee waived will be considered on a case by case basis.
- If the required minimum number of students per class (3 students) is not met 48 hours prior to class; ACE will cancel the class due to low enrollment and the Teaching Artist will not be fined.
- It is the responsibility of the Teaching Artist to contact ACE 48 hours in advance to confirm that the minimum student limit has been met.
Building Entry & Security:
​- Teaching Artists must arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each class and be prepared to teach the class at the specified published time.
- Artists teaching after regular business hours will have an individual key code to access the building key. Building entry instructions will be given to Teaching Artist if the proposal is accepted.
- Teaching Artists are responsible for supervising students while they are on ACE premises and must remain until all students have departed.
​- ACE Emergency number is (541) 604-2787. If it is a medical emergency please call 911 before ACE Emergency number.
Closing Procedures:
- Upstairs: Fans shut off. Switch is located on the left hand side inside the right hand wellness closet.
- Thermostats for both upstairs and downstairs spaces are on schedules. If for some reason the space is too hot or too cold beyond normal reason, please call the emergency number (541) 604-2787.
- Upstairs: turn off lights. Switches are located in the main control panel upstairs. (Please ask for specific location)
- All lights turned off in building with the exception of the hall lights in the basement. (Including all studios, bathrooms, kitchen, and galleries)
Compensation Details:
- Teaching artists receive $5 per hour per student. Wellness, music, dance, and other partnership entities receive an agreed upon percentage.
- Other compensation arrangements may be considered. If you have reason to believe an alternate compensation agreement is necessary; please present it, in writing to the Art Director.
- Teaching Artists and partnership entities are required to fill out an IRS Form W9 in order to receive payment. Please turn in a completed W9 before the end of the month in which your class took place. Art Center East will provide or find form online.
- Teaching Artists and other entities may expect payment by the 10th day of the following month.
Do you have a W9 on file with ACE? If your answer is no please visit https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf and complete the W9 form. Return to ACE as soon as possible. *
ACE will price your class according to hours and supply fees. Please contact Art Director if you have a special workshop price you’d like to feature and it will be taken into consideration. Please check "yes" if you understand. *
Please indicate if you would prefer to receive payment via PayPal. *
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I have read and acknowledge the above information and agree to abide by the rules herein described. Signature & Date below. *
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