TNG RFID Tag Termination Form
This form is intended solely for TNG RFID pilot users to submit their TNG RFID tag termination request. You should receive a notification via SMS upon successful termination of your RFID tag. Termination request can only be done by the ewallet owner. If you have any RFID related questions, please post your questions at the TNG RFID Facebook closed group. (

For faulty tag replacement (frequent detection failures/physically damaged tag), you may just walk-in to any fitment centre (FC) without having to terminate your current RFID tag. Our FC agents will cancel the old RFID tag for you upon replacement of the new RFID tag ;)

Please be responsible when filling in your request. Do not fill in unnecessary content such as vulgarity, sexual content or spamming of the same submission.

By submitting this feedback form, you are complying to TNG's Privacy Policy [[2018-08-13]PRIVACY_STATEMENT.pdf]
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