Cassini Network Questions
IMPORTANT: Please view the RI System Software Network and Data Integration Guide for more information about terms used and network configuration options available.  (, apply: )
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The form is organized into four Sections: Site, Cassini, Guru, and Virtual Workstations.  
Each section's heading describes what aspects of the network configuration is impacted.  Please check the option or indicate answer in the blank provided, and supplement any information with the comments at the end of each section form.  The goal of this form is to allow RI to pre-configure Cassini systems that will be installed at each location and allow you to prepare login credentials and network connections at your site.  All “Guru” Internet connections enable support capabilities and are recommended, but are optional.
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Company Name *
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Site Section
All RI systems have a serial number and common name used to identify it on the network and when shared with RI to provide reliable support.  RI recommends a 2 to 4 letter abbreviation with a 1 to 3 digit number.  Please avoid "Roos" or "RI" as the name conflict with other sites.  If you already have RI Systems, we will continue to use the existing naming convention.
Site Abbreviation (Customer ID) and/or Host Naming Convention
Example:  A company named "Company Inc." in "Nowhere, USA" could be abbreviated as "CONW" with starting number "01", so the first system send will be named CONW01
Domain Name *
Fully qualified internet domain name (i.e. or local network domain name (used for DNS queries) for use at this location.  This helps configure the local domain on the system and Guru hostname configuration instead of by IP address.
Do the developer's workstations (desktops/laptops) have network access to the Guru Server?  (RiGuru TCP Port 50000 in/out) *
Enables test plan deployment from Virtual Workstations and efficient Test Data export for all systems via the Guru Server.
Do the workstations have access to Roos Instruments' Guru Server ( via the internet?  (RiGuru TCP port 50000) *
Enables software updates and direct RI support to virtual workstations via Guru.
Does the test floor have HTTPS (TLS) access to via the Internet?  (TCP port 443) *
Enables online documentation, software updates and direct RI support to test system via Guru.
Does the test floor have OUTBOUND access Roos Instruments (  via the Internet?  (RiGuru TCP port 50000) *
Enables software updates and direct RI support to test system via the web with online documentation and downloadable .gzp packages.  Usually no proxy or firewall modifications are necessary.
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