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Applications CLOSE               24th July 2024 at 20:00 UTC.
References SUBMITTED       31st July 2024 at 20:00 UTC.
Outcomes NOTIFIED              mid September 2024
Accept BY                                1 week after notifications
Imbizo STARTS                       12 January 2025
Imbizo ENDS                            2 February 2025

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are delighted to announce that BEFORE Imbizo 2025 an optional two-day free of charge workshop on data visualization will take place in the same location for accepted Imbizo students, 9-12 of January 2025. To read more about this workshop, click here. Please indicate your interest to attend in the relevant question below.

Please follow the instructions closely, answer all questions succinctly, and stay within the prescribed word limits.

It is a good idea to prepare answers to these questions in a separate document before starting this application.
- What do you hope to gain from the course (300 words).
- What are your research interests and background (300 words).
- What talents, abilities and views can you contribute to the course? How can the course benefit from you? (200 words)
- Please describe in broad strokes the kind of research project you would like to work on (200 words).

You will be able to change your application details after you hit the submit button (but not the referee information). The website will send you a confirmation email that provides a link to come back to edit your response until the deadline (24th of July 2024).
 - - -  REFERENCES  - - -  
Please organise your references BEFORE you start with this application. The referees will receive emails shortly after your first submission, so referees cannot be changed.

So, discuss the Imbizo (and your participation) with your referees beforehand so that they have ample time. The sooner the better. Please also follow up with them to make sure their reference is submitted in a timely fashion (see dates above). Also, ask them to check their spam folder(s) in case they have not received the automatic email right after you submit your application.

- - -  TRAVEL DOCUMENTS - - - 
Please know that we have had several students who have had to cancel their participation because they underestimated how long it would take to get a passport and subsequent visa. Please make sure your travel documents are in good order (i.e., valid until 6 months after the Imbizo) at your earliest convenience.

 - - -  About the Imbizo - - -
The Imbizo is a full-on, totally immersive experience with a FULL schedule. There will be no time for personal off-campus activities. By applying, you commit to twenty-two subsequent days of intense science, socialising, shared dormitory style accommodation and fun.  

 - - -  Health Policy - - -  
Please review our health policy before submitting your application.
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