Kinetic Fire 2019 Vendor Application
Hoooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it's the Kinetic Fire Vendor Application!
This year's event is from Thursday May 16 - Sunday May 19 at Stable Studios, 2034 Dubois Road, Spencer, Indiana.

Vendor applications are due January 15, 2019.

Questions? Email with the subject Kinetic Vending.

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The Fine Print
NEW for 2019:
We are moving to a new location, which will change some of the vendor details.

We anticipate Vendor Row will be on gravel and should have far less water and mud issues than in the past.
There is cell reception at Vendor Row, it appears that Verizon works best.
Power will be available onsite, you must provide your own 50 foot outdoor electrical extension cord. Please let us know if you are using equipment with strong power draw, so we can plan in advance.

VOLUNTEER RAFFLE: Donations for the volunteer raffle are due at the Volunteer Tent by noon on Friday.

BACKPACK VENDORS: We will have a shared backpack vendor booth for you to take shifts vending your products. We expect everyone to take at least one 2 hour shift to maintain a presence; more may be available if you'd like. Please be prepared to take all of your vending items at the end of your shift, unless you've arranged an agreement with the person taking the following shift.

ENTRY TIME: Vendors are welcome to arrive Wednesday, there will be no early arrival fee this year for Wednesday vendor entry. We're working on booth setup start time.

In the vein of encouraging ideas that benefit the community, we'll provide 2 additional tickets - one for vendor entry and one for for use as social media promotions and giveaways - if you bring an idea or project that adds unique value to the community. Let us know the project you want to bring below - if it provides a useful service, acts as inspiration or simply makes Kinetic feel a little extra special we'll give you an extra entry and a promotional ticket to use as thanks!

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