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We are pleased to invite you to attend the JSSCO 2021 Annual Meeting at Semba-Minoh Campus (Shin-Minoh Campus), Osaka University on October 30-31, 2021. The events will be partially broadcasted through a webinar tool. Please kindly register via the online registration form below. 10月30号,31号,日本华侨华人学会研究大会将在大阪大学箕面新校区举行。研究大会的部分内容将会在线直播,可以通过远程会议参加。为了方便事先注册,烦请填写以下信息。
E-mail Address to be used during the Webinar and Google Classroom sessions. (Web mail is preferable.) 电子邮箱地址(此邮箱用来参加网络研讨会及Google Classroom) *
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Last Name 姓 *
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Sessions you will be joining. (Choose from on- or offline, or non-participation if not attending) 请选择参加方式(在线,到场,或不参加) *
Offline 到场
Online 在线
Non-participation 不参加
10/30 a.m. Writing up Seminar/My Dissertation 10/30 上午 青年研究发表 / 我的博士论文
10/30 2 p.m-4:30 p.m.. Re-thinking Overseas Chinese from Borneo 10/30 下午2:00-4:30 从婆罗洲社会思考华人问题
10/30 7 p.m. -9 p.m. PRC Diaspora Policies 10/30 晚上7:00-9:00 探讨中华人民共和国移民政策
10/31 9 a.m.-11:50 a.m. Individual Presentations 10/31 上午9:00-11:50 个人发表
10/31 1 :30 p.m.-2:10 p.m. Individual Presentations 10/31 下午1:30-2:10 个人发表
10/31 2:10 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Sinophone Session 10/31 下午2:10-3:30 汉语发表
Choose all the webinar tools that you are able to access. 请选择参加远程会议软件
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Will you join the JSSCO general assembly (offline)? 是否参加日本华侨华人学会的总会(需要到场参加)? *
Your emergency contact number and address. 紧急联络电话及邮箱
Address *Non-members are also required to fill in this part. 地址(烦请非会员也填写地址) *
Contact phone number *Non-members are also required to fill in this part. 联系电话(烦请非会员也填写联系电话) *
Thank you for registering to the JSSCO 2021 Annual Meeting. See you soon! 万分感谢,期待与您在研究大会上见面!
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