miniMinds Regular Term 2021-22 Health and Travel Declaration Form - 健康及旅遊申報表
To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff, all students are required to complete this Health and Travel Declaration Form.

You may complete this form anytime in advance, but latest at least 1 week before the first class of new regular term. If there are any changes in travel status and health condition, please resubmit the form and notify us.

為確保學生及職員的健康及安全,您可盡早填寫及遞交以下申報表,或最遲於上課前一星期填寫及遞交,並確認所提供的資料真實無誤。若健康或旅遊狀況有更改, 請於上課前重新提交及通知我們。

Please understand if the form is not received before your child's class, we reserve the right to refrain students from attending classes. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Our centre has also heightened our preventative measures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff including no waiting at the lobby (pick up & drop off only), requiring everyone to wear masks at all times, checking temperature and sanitizing hands prior entry...etc. .

IMPORTANT: Households that have travelled should follow the government travel regulations. If your household falls under the 7-day quarantine after travelling, your household is required to complete the self-monitoring period BEFORE attending class.

If your child is required for mandatory testing or is a close contact with anyone undergoing mandatory test by HK govt, he/she MUST NOT attend class until result confirms negative, and please follow our policy in our health and declaration form and stay home as needed.
1. Is this an updated submission because of changes in travel status or health condition? *
2. Your child's full name in ENGLISH - FIRST name and LAST name e.g. Joyce LAM 學生姓名 (請用英文填寫 - 名字及姓氏) *
3. Mobile number 電話號碼 *
4. Email address 電子郵件 *
5. First day of class 課程日期 *
Consent Form: If your child is P3 or above and you wish to grant your child permission to leave miniMinds on their own without a guardian, please notify below to recognize the consent for your child. *
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