Grade 5 School in the Park Student Survey 16-17
Think about going into the museums and walking around the zoo. Then answer questions 1-5.
1. I learn a lot when we go in the museums or go see animals.
2. I start to wonder about new things when we are in the museums and out in the zoo.
3. I feel excited when we go in the museums.
4. We should go in the museums more.
5. Did School in the Park help you think about what you might want to do when you grow up? Write about it here:
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Think about all the things you learned at SITP, then answer questions 6 and 7:
6. Tell about a time when something you learned at SITP helped you better understand something you learned at school.
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7. Do you want to say anything else about School in the Park? For example, you can share ideas or suggestions, or tell about a time at SITP that you'll always remember.
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