Bed Lottery Entrance Form, Harvard Square Homeless Shelter - Summer 2024

HSHS will be operating a regular lottery for open beds throughout the 2024 summer season. Clients who win a bed will be able to stay with us for the entire summer season. This season will run from June 10th, 2024 to August 8th, 2024. After the summer season ends, the shelter will be closed until mid October.

Please fill out the form below to join our bed waitlist. This is equivalent to the paper form linked here. After filling out this form, we will contact you with your unique lottery number.

We will run the first lottery on Saturday, June 8. From then on, we will run lotteries every Monday and Thursday morning at 8:00am if there are beds available. If there are no beds available, no lottery will be run. The winning lottery numbers will be posted on the shelter’s door, on our voicemail, and on our website ( Winners will also be notified via phone or email.

NEW IMPORTANT INFO: On the first of every month, the waitlist will be reset. You must fill out the lottery entrance form (online or paper) again each month in order to be eligible to win a bed.  This will appear as if clients are reentering the waitlist for the first time. Clients who were previously on the waitlist will be contacted monthly via email as a reminder to re-fill out the form. Please note: clients will be given a new number upon reentry. This number is not a ranking, but can be thought of as an ID. 

  • Note: If the first of the month is a Monday or a Thursday, staff will pull from the previous month’s list for that lottery date only.

Please be aware that HSHS is a dry shelter. This means that clients may not be under the influence of or use non-prescribed drugs/illicit substances in the space.

Feel free to reach out to or call us at (888) 285-4038 with questions or concerns. Email communication is preferred.

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In our shelter, there are separate groups of beds for those who identify as men, those who identify as women, and non-binary individuals.

Which option best matches your gender identity?
If you answered non-binary/other above, would you be comfortable being assigned a bed in a single-gender space if that were the only bed available? 

If yes, which single-gender space (men's or women's space)?

Please feel free to explain further.
What is your email address (if you have one)?
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If you do not have an email or phone number, how should we contact you?
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