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The Creative Lab, presented by Voice of Purpose in partnership with York University TD Community Engagement Centre, Nia Centre for the Arts, and North York Arts, is offering an opportunity for post-secondary students to be mentors to Grade 12 youth.

This position is for post-secondary students (at the Senior-Bachelors or Masters-level) who are visual artists, poets, or dancers interested in a career in arts-education, community development, and/or working with youth. The mentorship component of this program was created to be an opportunity for experiential education and employment for those interested in pursuing a career incorporating the arts, social justice, equity, and well-being while engaging with authenticity and purpose. Mentors must have a passion for growth, self-development, community development, and making a positive impact on the world.

During this 3-day Arts Enrichment and Personal Development Program Gr 12 students (drawn from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds) will be provided with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills while delving into deep conversations about their true purpose in life through arts-engaged activities. The youth selected for the program will be self-identified artists (visual artists, poets, or dancers) who wish to make meaningful contributions to society. The youth will have the opportunity to gain mentorship while exploring ideas around potential career paths in the arts. Mentors will lead/support (in pairs) pods of 6-7 youth, through breakout activities while providing youth with guidance, moral and emotional support, and encouragement.

This is a paid training opportunity.  Deadline to register is Fri Sept 21st, 2018.

To apply, you must be available for all of the following dates:

Interviews: Tues-Wed Sept 25-26th (10-6pm)
Training Dates: Sat Sep 29th (2-7pm), Tues Oct 9th (2-7pm), Thurs Oct 11th (1-6pm)
Program Dates: Fri-Sun Oct 12th-14th, 2018 (8:30am-8:30pm)
Location: York University, Keele Campus
Please send any questions to:

Each student mentor will be paid $15/hr - if selected for an interview you will be notified on Sept 24th.

To apply to be a Mentor with the Creative Lab please submit your resume and cover letter along with your completed application below. 

For more information please visit

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There will be 3 mandatory training sessions for all mentors: Saturday September 29th (2-7pm), Tuesday October 9th (2-7pm), and Thursday October 11th (1-6pm). If selected, do you commit to attending all 3 sessions? *
The Creative Lab Arts Enrichment Program will take place at York University on October 12th-14th from 8:30am-8:30pm. It is required that mentors be present for the entirety of the program. If selected, do you commit to attending the entirety of the program? *
If selected for an interview you must be available for an in-person interview September 25th-26th between the hours of 10am-6pm. Will you be able to attend an in-person interview during these times? *
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Thank you for applying to The Creative Lab. You will hear from us about your application the week of September 27th! If you have any questions please email
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