Duke Street Big Band: Join Us!
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We don't have formal auditions, but we do need to have some idea of your playing ability so we can allocate parts appropriately. Before selecting, please click on the following link and read the guide: http://bit.ly/158r0hz
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NB: "Highly experienced" indicates you've performed regularly over a number of years at a high level, are familiar with a significant amount of standard repertoire and are confident being the principal player in your section.
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We are occasionally offered opportunities to perform at short notice, so it's helpful for us to know which of our players are up for this and which are better suited to a 'standard' gig with regular rehearsals leading up to it! Please don't be shy about answering honestly here - if you're shit hot at sight reading, let us know... and likewise if you'd rather not!
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There are lots of opportunities to improvise solos - let us know how you feel about that; and please be honest!
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e.g. any other useful or exciting instruments you play (e.g. flute), or anything else you think we should know!
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