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Application for Dog or Puppy Adoption
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Once your form is submitted the adoption staff will reach out to you. Regrettably, contacting Seattle Humane will not expedite our response. Thank you for understanding!
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What is the name of the animal you are interested in? (We require that you put the name of 1-5 animals here, if no name is entered your application will not be considered valid. Any animal no longer listed on the website is either pending an adoption, or has been adopted) *
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How did you hear about this animal? *
Have you met this animal already? (for example at the shelter prior to closure, or in foster) *
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If you rent, do you know what your pet policy is? *
If you own your home, have you researched either your HOA or home owners insurance for pet policy restrictions? *
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How many adults and how many (if any) children are in your household, and what are their ages? *
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On a typical day, how many hours would the dog be alone? (This does not include any current schedule that may be different due to COVID-19) *
When you are unable to be home, where will the pet stay? *
Are you looking for a dog to be a running buddy (high energy) or a dog to take a stroll with (moderate to low energy)? *
Have you ever had a dog of your own before? *
Have you ever raised a puppy before? *
Do you currently have any other pets? *
Are you looking for a dog to add as a companion to your family, or to perform a specific task or job? *
Are there any bad habits, behaviors, or medical issues with a dog that you do not feel comfortable managing? *
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Seattle Humane uses and endorses positive reinforcement methods for training dogs. Is this something you would be willing to learn more about to use with your new pet? *
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your household?
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