Connections: ILC Assigned
ILC Assigned is a Level 1 Directed Intervention intended for students who are AT RISK OF FAILING a course,.

Teachers can complete this form to direct at-risk students to attend Connections in the Integrated Learning Centre on Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 - 2:55 pm. If you would like to refer more than one student, complete the form for each student. Referrals are for one week. If you would like a student to attend multiple sessions, please complete this form each week.

Students who need to write or rewrite a test can be encouraged to attend the Connections Test Room, but do not meet the criteria for ILC Assigned.

After completing this form, It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to discuss the expectations with the assigned student. To maximize the effectiveness of this Level 1 Intervention, ensure that:
-the student knows to report to the Integrated Learning Centre
-the student is aware of what work needs to be completed
- the student has the necessary materials to complete the work

The CORE team will monitor the attendance of ILC Assigned students weekly.
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