Yoga for your Back
Strengthen your spine with yoga Svastha therapy


I'm happy to welcome you to my free yoga sessions during these special times, 18 - 31 March 2020.

You are as young as your spine is flexible! To prepare the ground, we will strengthen the spine with focused exercises for all muscle layers.

We will practice simple, but dynamic sequences of Svastha Therapy Yoga, Monday to Friday 10:00 am CET around 20 minutes, with focus on lower back. Together we build a routine for your back with clear instructions, easy to follow, and motivation within a Facebook group which makes the practice fun. You can join to live sessions by Zoom or stream the sessions within a private Facebook-group.

I'm happy if I can make you happy with these classes, and we together can overcome a few moments of these difficult times and take care of our body and mind every day.

With best regards,
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