2018 Training Performance Survey
The Training Unit is constantly striving to improve what we do.  Your honest feedback is important to our continued development and will help us provide improved services in the future.  Please complete this form for our records using the following responses:
4 – Exceeded Expectations
3 – Met Expectations
2 – Needs Improvement
1 – Does Not Meet Expectations
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Extent to which this course met your expectations: *
Satisfaction with course content: *
Extent to which the instructor was prepared and organized: *
Extent to which the instructor presented information and used materials effectively: *
Extent to which the instructor answered questions and encouraged group involvement: *
Quality of materials used:  Did they help you understand the information presented? *
Instructor’s presentation skills: *
Overall effectiveness of this training programme: *
Which of these, is your best module so far? *
Do you have any suggestions for future training opportunities to be offered by RlgAdulawo?
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