Building Access Questionaire
This survey will gauge AE Students knowledge and thoughts on Buzzcard access to MK and Guggenheim after hours (not between 7am and 5pm). Not all questions are required, but the ones that are are important information that is needed to bring to the faculty.

SAESAC thanks you for your responses.

What type of AE student are you?
What year are you?
Have you ever had Buzzcard access issues with either Guggenheim or MK?
Have you ever had any other Buzzcard access issues with a section of the AE department (other buildings, rooms/labs/computerlabs in the building)?
If yes, please briefly describe the issue.
Your answer
Have you had access issues specifically with the time of day?
Are you aware of the time restriction?
If you are aware of the time restriction, what do you think building access hours end at (time of night)?
What is the latest time that you think an AE student should have building access?
Please leave any other comments/concerns on this subject.
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