Lawrence School PTO Reimbursement Form
You may use this form to submit reimbursement requests to the PTO for expenses such as classroom allocations, field trips, approved grants and event supplies. Please be sure to attach PDFs or photos of receipts. Requests received by the 3rd Thursday of the month will be paid by the 1st Monday of the following month. For more info or questions, please review or email

Paper copies of this form are still available in the PTO mailbox in the front office.

Email address *
Your Name *
This is the person to whom the check will be addressed
PTO Affiliation *
Account to be charged
If the expense is related to an event or committee, please choose "Other" and specify details.
Description of expense *
Example: 2 water coolers to provide drinking water at PTO events at $40 each. If this is event- or committee-related, please specify which event or committee.
Please describe the classrooms, grades and/or subjects supported with this expense. ("All" for school-wide events)
Examples: All kindergarten classrooms, or 1C, or 3rd through 5th grades
Total Reimbursement Request ($) *
Please upload receipts / proof of payment
Please provide the mailing address for receiving reimbursement. (If you have a school mailbox, leave blank)
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