Saboten Con 2019 - Media Request
Please fill out this form in it's entirety for review to be a media representative at Saboten Con 2019. Please also read over the rules at the bottom of this form, by submitting this request to agree to all the rules set forth on this form.
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Media Rules
Thank you for your interest in Saboten Con. Please read over all our press policies below.
General Rules:
1. Press that have covered our event in the past, and are in good standing, are given first consideration on requests
2. Lead in press coverage to the event will help with selection process
3. New press may be issued 2 weekend passes only upon approval
4. If you are interested in interviewing a guest, please send the request to We will forward your request to the guest and if they choose to setup an interview with you they will contact you directly to setup a time
5. Badges must be worn and visible at all times and cannot be transferred to other parties
6. There will be no replacement of lost or stolen badges
7. Registered press can pick up their badges at the media desk with valid ID and business card
All Press privileges include:
1. Complimentary weekend media pass
2. Access to seating areas/Photo pits if space allows and where applicable
3. Early access to Vendor Hall area for photo opportunities (upon permission by vendor manager only)
4. Early access to masquerade photo sessions
5. Limited designated press seating at select panels (2 persons per organization max, may require advanced notice) if space allows and where applicable
Emerging Press
If you are new to our event as an amateur photographer or journalist affiliated with student media or represent a blog or website with a moderate following (which we will determine) that has been established for at least a year, you are considered emerging and will be issued up to 2 passes only upon approval. Websites or blogs must be at least updated weekly and be of a related subject matter. Please submit any data showing monthly hits and/or Facebook following in your media request. Please note that passes are limited and members will be approved on a case by case basis.
Established Press
If your organization/blog/website has covered our event in the past, is a long established traditional publication/organization, or a known photographer/journalist in good standing, you are considered established press. If you are a Pod caster/Photographer please submit updated links (including Facebook) to your work with statistics of your total visits.
Filmmakers shooting features/documentaries must submit samples of the project with a letter stating the purpose of the work or past completed projects for approval. Work must be related to Japanese pop culture and all members of film crews must be approved by the event media staff. Established press will be issued a maximum of 4 press passes.
Press Etiquette
All press is expected to act in a mature and professional manner, representative of their respective organization. All press should await/heed instruction from designated staff at all times. Any complaints or concerns should be voiced to the Media manager only. The following will result in the immediate revocation of all passes and the banning of individuals or organizations:
1. Harassment of guests, staff or attendees
2. Rude or lascivious behavior toward guests/staff/attendees
3. Asking guests for autographs, photographs, or sketches outside of their scheduled times
4. Fraud or falsification of credentials or bringing non press to interviews
5. Continuous failure to follow instructions and policies set forth here and the press staff
Pass Pickup
Press passes will be available at the Press table and proper Photo ID and business card is required for receipt of pass with each member of his/her organization being present. Without your pass you will not have access to the convention unless you buy your own pass. PASS MUST BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES and please be respectful to staff that may request that you wear them. Please protect your pass as lost, damaged, or stolen passes will not be replaced.
Photography Only Access
To qualify for a pass, Photographers/Photo journalists must provide links to an active website for your photos (No Facebook, Flicker or similar sites). Professional equipment must be presented to the Media Manager along with business card to receive a pass. You may be asked to work with our photography manager over the weekend to help with photo shoots as well.
Convention Coverage
Please provide links to all event coverage as we use this to evaluate future approvals. We would also love copies of any periodicals or articles in which our convention appears. Please direct any questions about our policies to
Media rules are subject to change at any time by the event.
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