Uhuru Magazine 2019-20 Staff Application
Thank you for your interest in Uhuru Magazine!

Uhuru magazine exists to feed and liberate the minds of minority students at Kent State and beyond. Its goal is to address topics of interest and to analyze problems facing minorities today in order to improve their lives in the future.

Uhuru staff members should have some knowledge of the African, Latino, Native American and Asian experience in America and be able to produce content for others who share the same experience. Staff members must be reliable and willing to attend weekly or biweekly meetings. Staff members should also be able to work on tight deadlines.

APPLICATIONS DUE: Friday, May 31st @ 11:59 pm

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Editor-in-Chief Tanisha Thomas at tthoma70@kent.edu

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Managing Editor: The Managing Editor assists the Editor-in-Chief in any of her duties and responsibilities. The Managing Editor serves as immediate supervisor of the sub-editors, directors and staff writers. Managing Editor also takes note of all decisions made by the editorial board and circulates information among board members.

Art Director: The Art Director will assist the Editor-in-Chief with the production and creative layout of the print magazine and oversees the designers, illustrators, and photographers. Those applying must be knowledgeable in InDesign and Photoshop.

Web Editor: The Web Editor must be familiar with HTML, XHTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and other software and code necessary in building and maintaining a Web site. In addition to upkeep and improvement of Uhuru’s website and blog, the Web Editor must keep track of staff members’ post count month by month.

Promotional Director: The Promotional Director will be responsible for overseeing Uhuru's social media accounts, ensuring the magazine's social media presence is consistent and growing. The Promotional Director will also be in charge of managing Uhuru's fundraising ideas and/or events.

Staff Writers: Uhuru needs creative and dedicated writers to produce stories for the magazine. Stories written for the print publication are expected to be in-depth with multiple sources, and should be of interest and beneficial to minorities. Staff writers must keep the magazine editor informed on the progress of their stories. Staff writers must have a vast knowledge of grammar, usage and punctuation as well as AP style.

Web Content Writers: Website content writers are responsible for writing short time relevant stories biweekly. Advanced writers may be asked to write more than one if editors call for it. Stories must be inviting, interesting and maintain the mission of UHURU. We also welcome daily blogs, podcasts, videos or any other medium to be posted!

Designers/Illustrators: Uhuru needs creative designers and illustrators with proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite programs and Microsoft office. Designers and illustrators will work on both the magazine and the website.

Photographers: Uhuru needs creative and flexible photographers. Photographers will help with photo set-up, cover events on campus and various fashion/art photo shoots. Must have photography knowledge and knowledge on how to work a professional digital camera. Having studio training/experience is a plus, but not required.

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