Inventors: Discover the 3 Biggest Challenges You Face When Selling Your Product Today
You know when you have the opportunity to talk to a potential customer about your invention —and when you're finished—they walk away?

Do you wish you had a magic formula for communicating so when you’re talking with customers you can finally start connecting and selling?
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I'm conducting an Anonymous Survey to understand the struggles of new and experienced inventors building and marketing their product.

I would like to receive at least 50 responses for the survey and would appreciate the insight from those of you who identify as inventors: makers, engineers, scientists, tinkerers in this short three minute multiple-choice questionnaire.

Free training will be available covering the top 3 challenges that we discover through this survey.

I really appreciate your time.


Lisa Stewart, Inventor Mentor
Are you an inventor?
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Have you built a product or have an idea to build one?
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What kind of product is it?
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Select 3 of these challenges that cause you to lose sleep at night:
How important is it to the success of your business to overcome these challenges?
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Not important at all
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How do I find people just like you?
What Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, or other groups are you part of?
Where did you come from?
Would you share this survey with other inventors?
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Thank You! Access Free Training
To thank you for your time, I’d like to provide you with some free training around the top 3 challenges that we uncover through this survey.

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Thanks again! You rock!
Lisa Stewart
Inventor Mentor |
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