DeFi Detectives Case #2
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1. Which cryptocurrency exchanges have exchanged Sushi with Sushiswap ( so far? Select all that apply:
2. Who are the unaffiliated (non-contract and non-token addresses) that exchanged most money with this UniSwap contract? (
3. Now check out one of the accounts that hacked UniSwap back in April: In what exchanges is the owner of this address most likely to have an account? List them. (Hint: you may want to check which exchange addresses transacted with it and draw conclusions):
4. Can you identify the biggest whales in the DeFi space at the moment? List the addresses and provide a brief explanation)
5. On September 5th Chef Nomi, the original creator of SushiSwap, cashed out around $14M from SushiSwap and gave it back on September 11th. Can you find what happened on CISO? List the accounts involved here:
6. Click the “create an investigation” button, share your investigation on social media, then paste the URL here. Thanks for investigating with us, Detective!
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