How can I be a Superhero where I live?
Before lock-down happened and our children were forced to become real life superheroes by staying at home they embarked on an expedition called 'How can I be a Superhero where I live?'

The final product for year one was top trumps cards and the product for year two was a comic book. Every child has had their work included in the final products.

The companies making and producing the products are safely open again and will be looking to have our products delivered in September.

If you could fill in the short survey below to give us an indication on numbers - we will be able to give you an accurate price. From the information we have so far we are expecting it to be around the £5 mark.

Thank you,
Mrs Parsons
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Are you interested in buying a pack of top trumps cards or the comic? The maximum price will be around £5 - we will be able to give a more exact price when we have an idea of the quantities we will be having made.
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