Send Message To Member
Use this form to send a message to the ADMA member by email/mobile. This sends email only to the specific member and not to ALL members. To know more about this feature, visit the Webmaster's Corner. <Work In Progress. Email works now. SMS does not..>
Message Subject *
If this is a SMS, the message itself should be typed here and should not be more than 128 characters.
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Message *
If this is a email, the message should be typed here. This field will be ignored if it is an SMS. Say 'NA' if only sending an SMS.
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Select the ways you would like to send this message. *
Select both email and SMS only when it is a very urgent short message.
From Email *
Helps the member get back to you over email.
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To Email *
Member Email to which the email will be sent. If this is not pre-filled, you will need to put the email address of the member.
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