Sign Up for Family Monastery Days - August 2022

All ages Christian "Monastic Montessori" retreat up on Mount Washington

children must be accompanied by caregiver

10:00 am to 3:00 pm, with lunch provided

Tuesday August 23 and Wednesday August 24

403 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, park in rear

the large house (amazing view!) next door to St. Mary of the Mount church building

as long as children are with a beloved adult for their entire stay, you are very welcome to come to as much, or as little, of this retreat time as fit into your family’s schedule

note: this retreat space has lots of steps - sadly, mobility accommodations are limited at this point (and we are mindful about improving accessibility for future retreats)

details about Family Monastery Days at the end of this sign up from, scroll down for more information

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Kids Names & Ages or Grade:
Any Food Restrictions or Preferences for Retreat Lunchtime? (welcome to bring your own snacks and lunch)
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more about this family retreat
  • as this a family retreat, a beloved grown up must be present with their children at all times - we regret that we cannot accommodate children dropped off without parent or caregiver
  • our dream is fun bonding time for families to connect with God and each other (we are a Presbyterian mom and a Catholic mom, who dreamed up this idea together earlier this summer, as a creative spiritual way to fill a schedule gap of our younger kids between summer activities ending mid-August and school starting in late August)
  • we are using age and ability inclusive formats of monastery and Montessori style activities to engage all, from smallest to tallest
  • during the brief lesson time each day we will explore historic Christian sibling stories (Tuesday: Benedict & Scholastica 5/6th century, Wednesday: Martha & Mary 1st century)
  • 3 brief pauses for prayer with provided prayerbook - morning (10:40 am), midday (12:30 pm) followed by lunch, evening (2:40 pm)
  • 2 longish ‘work’ time blocks of self-directed choosing among various options, including: making artwork, building with legos, writing encouragement cards, getting outside for a walk, reflecting on family life rhythms, curling up with a book, perhaps even napping :-)
  • if you are able to do so with ease, we welcome donations towards covering costs of doing future Family Monastery Days (expenses for this retreat have been donated by Mary, Queen of Peace Parish, and Waverly Presbyterian Church)
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