Arizona Citizens for the Arts Advocacy Communication Survey 2020
What do you want to see more of from us? How can we help you be a better advocate for arts & culture? Now is your chance to fill us in!
On a scale of 1 - 10 please rate your familiarity with our organization's work
Not at all familiar
Very familiar
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Have you attended Arts Congress - our Advocacy Day at the Arizona State Capitol?
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How do you usually find out information and updates about arts funding in Arizona?
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What do you want to know more about (select all that apply)
What is your relationship with Arizona Citizens for the Arts?
If you selected "Other" please explain below
How likely are you to attend an in-person outdoor Arts Congress event in the spring?
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Would you be interested in a virtual Arts Congress event?
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How do you want to hear from us?
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Where do you live?
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What is your age range?
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Thank you for your time! Please add any additional comments in the space provided below.
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