Officer Elections
President (*must have been a previous AIAS officer)
Responsible for providing vision and leadership in setting goals; helping to manage conflicts that arise within the organization; identifying and preparing future leaders; ensuring good morale and team-building; overseeing every aspect of the chapter; maintaining all necessary registration, documentation, and licensure; The President is also required to attend all AIA board meetings, Knowlton alumni society board meetings, and is expected to remain in contact with the school and advisor.
Vice President
Responsible for assisting the President with any necessary executive duties (including but not limited to general meetings, networking, officer meetings, etc) as well as being the the initial contact for any sponsorship needed from departments or otherwise.
Responsible for meeting regularly with the advisor to discuss finances; requesting all funds; saving receipts and completing audit forms; managing the budget and bank account; handling all money; presenting regular updates; setting the example of, and educating on, financial wellness; and assisting the president in executive duties as necessary.
Secretary/NCARB Rep
Responsible for ensuring the organization stays on schedule by maintaining a calendar; taking and distributing meeting minutes at all officers' and general meetings. Also acts as a liaison between NCARB and students - responsible for knowledge of AXP.
Graphics/Media Chair
Responsible for designing, printing, and distributing all marketing material (posters, hand-outs, desk-slips, etc), managing/overseeing the production of content for all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and may be responsible for creating content for and editing The ideal candidate will be familiar with AIAS Ohio State's presence online and on social media (you should be following us) and have an adept eye for graphic design, typography, photography, etc. beyond architecture.
Freedom by Design Director
Responsible for managing the Freedom by Design chapter including identifying potential projects/clients; organizing projects and assembling team of volunteers; working with local professionals to ensure all projects comply with ADA standards; leading the overall design and construction of the chosen project.
Outreach Chair
Responsible for aiding and organizing events involving professional and social interaction; including but not limited to: firm visits, coffee with an architect, coffee night, etc.
Fundraising Chair
Responsible for aiding and organizing events that help the organization raise money, including, but are not limited to: Volleyball tournaments, Schott Clean Ups, Cookie fundraisers, etc.
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