Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Circle Application
Welcome to The Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Circle Application!

This is a powerful opportunity to transform the way you build your business!

The application contains just a few questions to help me confirm what you are looking for in the membership.

The questions are not to judge you and your faith journey! Rather, they will allow me to support you in making a great decision.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and your membership status sent via email within 24 hours if the application is received within normal business hours. Please allow 48 hours for applications submitted outside of normal business hours.

If your membership is approved, we will schedule a brief virtual meeting to help answer any remaining questions, and get you on-boarded to your group.

I truly look forward to reviewing your application and inviting you to one of the Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Circles!

May the joy of The Lord fill you as you anticipate all that is ahead.

With Much Love,
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How often would you like to engage in the Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur Facebook Group? *
What aspects of a Private Facebook Group Are You Most Interested In Engaging With? *
How would you describe your current walk with Jesus? Please be authentic. I promise I'm not judging you. I'm just getting a sense for where you're at right now - because you are sure to grow! :-) *
How comfortable are you with the concept of hearing from The Lord? (Again, no judgement here. I'm just assessing how I can best support you.) *
I don't know how to hear from The Lord
I am very comfortable hearing from The Lord and do so regularly
When you imagine yourself as a Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur what do you see that is different from today? *
What is most exciting for you about becoming a Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur? *
What times of days work for you to attend group meetings? (All meetings are based on Eastern Time Zone. Please choose all that apply. ) *
Thanks so much for applying to The Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Circle. Please feel free to share any additional comments or questions below. I look forward to connecting with you very soon!
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