Application for volunteer work at Studenthuset City Scene Fall 2021
Innmeldingsskjema for frivillige
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Our groups and positions
No experience is needed for being a volunteer. Training will be given

Bar group City Scene
consists of  the bartenders and barbacks at City Scene, our down stairs concert venue and night club. The weekend bartenders and barback work in teams and have shifts every third week. Normally they work friday and saturday nights, but on some occations there will be extra events on other days. "Bartender wednesday" works every wednesday on the quiz nights. Due to norwegian alcohol legislations bartenders must be minimum 20 years old, barbacks preferably over 18

City's Angels
Our wardrobe and ticket group. Normally work every third weekend (Due to Covid-19 restrictions this may be different)

Bar group Studenthuset
consists of  the bartenders and barbacks at Studenthuset, our street level bar. The weekend bartenders and barback work in teams and have shifts every third week. Normally they work friday and saturday nights. The weekday bartenders work one night a week. Due to Norwegian alcohol legislation bartenders must be minimum 20 years old, barbacks preferably over 18

Our security group. Works in teams every third weekend. On some occasions there will be extra events in their working weeks. Language and communication skills are important in this position, and Norwegian or very good english is preferred.

Artist host
As a concert venue we have a lot of visiting artists. The artist host plans and conducts the hosting of our guest. The hosting teams have responsibility every third week. When we have big or several productions in one week there will be a lot of work, if we have none productions there will be no work. On event nights the hosts must be available on day time and night. It's normally not hard work, but be aware of that it may require a lot of working hours

The PR/Media group is responsible for promoting and documenting our activities as well as producing media content for everyday operations. The group does not have a fixed working schedule. Autonomity, creativity and consistency are key qualities.  Art, PR, marketing or media experience is preferred, and media production students are recommended to apply.

Our riggers are responsible for preparing the venues for events, and making the whole venue presentable for artists and audience. The work ranges from moving chairs and tables to rigging the concert stage.

Technical production
You will get training as a stage technician in the beginning, for those specially interested you may also get training in light and sound technics. No experience needed, but it requires interest and dedication.

Operations group
This is the group that make everything work, without anyone noticing the job they do. Our caretakers who changes light bulbs and fix broken stuff. Handicraft experience is wanted. Autonomity is required. No fixed working schedule, and the work can be done any time outside opening hours.

Event Hosting
You host quizzes, bingo, karaoke alone or together with other volunteers.
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