Parent Survey
We are looking for your feedback on reopening Gan Shalom. We seek to make the best decision for our children and staff. Thank you for your support.
Will you be sending your child to Gan Shalom Camp?
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If not, what needs to be in place before bringing your child to Gan Shalom camp or Fall Preschool?
While Caspe Terrace is closed, would you like to participate in our Gan Shalom Virtirual Camp program? This program will include activity resources, links to story videos, music videos, group time zoom meetings, and activity supplies.
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Do you have any suggestions for improving our virtual experiences while Caspe Terrace is closed?
Please list any questions or concerns you have at this time.
Please add your name (optional) and contact information for follow up questions and feedback as we prepare for Gan Shalom reopening.
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