PCS Praise Team Application
Thank you for your interest in serving Christ, PCS, and your fellow students by participating in the PCS Praise Team. Please take a few moments to fill out the following brief questionnaire.
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Email address where you can be reached this summer
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Phone number where you can be reached this summer
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Grade next year *
In which of the following ways would you like to be involved in the Praise Team? Mark all that apply. *
Write a paragraph describing your conversion experience. When and how did you become a Christian? Be as specific as possible. *
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Write a paragraph answering the following questions: What is the purpose of Chapel? What is the role of the Praise Team in helping to fulfill that purpose? *
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I understand that serving on the PCS Praise Team is a privilege and responsibility. If I serve in this capacity: 1) I am able to make the time commitment necessary to give my best to this ministry, including regular practices and occasional off-campus appearances; 2) I understand I must remain academically eligible in all subjects; and 3) I will maintain higher moral and spiritual standards as a worship leader. *
My parent(s) are aware of these questions and my answers and support my participation in the Praise Team.
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