508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Enlistment Papers
You will be joining our team of Airborne professionals who are dedicated to ensuring
our allies receive the absolute best combat, logistics, medical, and communications support the Army has to offer.

Your experience, functional expertise, and professionalism are in demand and will be a welcome addition to our team.

REMEMBER: The nature of our unit requires us to display a level of commitment, maturity, and teamwork above the requirement of the standard unit.
Name: (first, last) Use a realistic name; doesn't have to be your real name (ex: Albert Spears): *
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Do you have a working mic? *
Any past realism experience (Meaning ever part of a realism or MilSim unit)? *
Why do you want to join? *
What are you hoping to gain from being a part of the 508th PIR? *
What kind of events and activities are you hoping to take part in if you join the 508th PIR? *
If you join the 508th PIR what level of engagement are you interested in have within the unit? (Not where you start) *
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