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We utilize Track-o-Bot (ToB) to track and capture in-game data. We ask you to contribute your game-data by submitting your ToB username and token below, so that we can grow our database and provide more accurate analysis. You may do so anonymously or provide your battletag and/or email address. We will only use your credentials for data collection purposes in our system, and will never share them with anyone outside of our data analysis team. If, at any time, for any reason, you want to opt out, you can simply regenerate your token and the token we have in our database would be invalid and we would remove your account from our database.

In the Track-o-Bot settings, it is important that you check "Start at login" and "Check for updates". If your Track-o-Bot isn't up-to-date, it might not upload data. If you don't already use Track-o-Bot, you can go to to download and install it. It is easy to run and uses very little resource. We welcome data from all ranks.

- Vicious Syndicate

Please see screenshots at bottom to properly find your API credentials
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How to get to API page
API page: click on "Reveal" to see your token; click on "Regenerate" if you want to opt out in the future
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