Vickery Creek Middle School Yearbook Class Application: 2021-2022 School Year
***The deadline to turn in applications is Friday, May 14th

Our yearbook class is a connections class, and is offered to rising 8th grade students (only current 7th graders may apply.) Most of the work is completed during the school day, however there may be occasional times when staff members will have to stay after school, or come in early to cover club activities and sporting events, for the yearbook- only if you choose a page that requires that. Please complete all portions of this application to the best of your ability. Apply Now! The deadline for all applications is on Friday, May 14th. The list of students who are accepted into the class will be posted on the VCMS website, under "Extracurricular/Yearbook," by May 24th." Please e-mail Mrs. Potts at, with any questions.
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