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Please type accurately and double-check spelling, as this will help ensure effective correspondence throughout the year. Thank you!

Parent contact information will also be distributed to our Choral Boosters Organization. They help our program be the successful program that it is. Choral Boosters will email parents throughout the year to ask for volunteers at events and update parents on the choir program. They won't send an overwhelming amount of emails, I promise. They will not distribute your email to anyone else.
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(Parents) If English is not your first language and you would like all correspondence from EG Choirs to be in another language, please indicate the language below:
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REQUIRED FEE FOR ALL CHORAL STUDENTS: I agree to pay the mandatory choir fee of $25 ($50 if your child is a member of Chamber Singers or Vocal Jazz) in the form of cash/check made out to EG Choral Boosters. You can pay through the Venmo app-it's free ( their @username is: @ElkGrove-ChoralBoosters OR you can use the You can also pay by cash/check made out to EG Choral Boosters. Mail to: 500 W. Elk Grove Blvd, Attn: EG Choir, Elk Grove, IL 60007. You ARE able to make payments on your choir fee. *
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You ARE able to make payments towards your choir fee. If you are making payments, please indicate how many payments you will make and how you will be paying. (Ex: I will be making two payments and will pay through venmo)
Please indicate if you would consider volunteering to help Choral Boosters support the choir director and choir program. There are many ways your generosity would be helpful, whether that's helping at a choir event or attending choral boosters meeting. *
My student and I have read and understand the information in the Elk Grove Choir Handbook. This form must be submitted by September 29th . This submission will be recorded as a written assignment in the grade book. *
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