Society Handover Form 18/19
Hey there! Please fill in all the details below regarding your new committee. ALL Committe members and positions need to be included.
This is so that we can contact your society with important information such as Fresher's Fayre details and a range of updates throughout the year.

Having all, up-to-date information on committee is extremely important as it will be used as a proof of who was/is on the committee (in case you require official Student Union reference or want to obtain participation certificate).

Unsure of your society email or type? You can find the information on this link:
Have more than 8 committee members and cannot add them to the list? Email with the details.

If you have any queries, please contact your 2017/2018 Societies Officers: Gabriela, Jeremy, Ramneek, Shalu at

Please give the email address of the person filling in the form:

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Society Name *
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2017/2018 President *
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Confirmation of Democracy *
Please check the 'Yes' box to confirm that the election by which the new delegates were elected was run fairly and democratically as outlined in the SGSU constitution. This includes the chance for any member to run for any committee position and any member to vote in the election
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