Possible ShackCon Dates! or "Yes, another survey to fill out."

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How much does ShackCon cost?
Registration for the event will be $100USD, plus whatever fees are associated with your chosen form of payment (direct transfer is preferred and is cheaper; credit and debit card payments will also be accepted). This cost will include access to any community organized events for participants, including event spaces and private meals.
All efforts will be made to spend all collected registration fees on group events, activities and costs. Scope of events and activities will depend on total number of pre-registrations and will be determined by a panel of community event coordinators. By registering and paying towards the registration fund, you leave the event coordination in the capable hands of the coordinators and understand that the scope and specifics of the event will change based on a number of factors. But at the absolute minimum, we want to try to have a big group dinner on Saturday night that is fully funded by registration fees so no one has to worry about splitting bills or any of that mess.
If no community events are coordinated (in the event of complete lack of participation, for example), a full refund minus any processing fees will be available for all who complete registration one month prior to the event. For all others, a $25 late registration penalty will be assessed before refund. No other refunds or exchanges will be permitted.

Are there any corporate sponsors for ShackCon?
At this time, we are open to communication with potential sponsors, but we are conducting registration and coordination assuming that this will be a fully self-funded event. In the event that sponsorship is attained, we will simply be able to make the event bigger and better!

Do you have hotel discounts available?
We have a block of rooms reserved at the Hyatt Place in Las Vegas. Rooms are $105 per room per night; you can request either one King bed or two Double beds, and each room comes with a sleeper sofa. In the event that ShackCon participation becomes large enough to reserve an event space(UPDATE: Looks highly likely), it will be at this hotel.

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    June 24-26
    July 1-3 See NOTE above!
    July 8-10
    July 22-24 See NOTE above!
    July 29-31 See NOTE above!
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