Psychic Protection Questionnaire for your session with Maya Zahira
Welcome to Psychic Protection Sanctuary with Maya Zahira!

Please fill out the questions below. This is a very thorough questionnaire, and will assist Maya in obtaining a clear understanding of your situation and how she can best support you.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that Maya Zahira is not a doctor, therapist, lawyer, or financial adviser. As such, no part of your session should be interpreted as a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment, or professional financial or legal advice. If you are experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency, or if you feel you are in danger, please immediately contact 911 or your medical professional.
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Possible Causes / Vulnerabilities to Psychic Attack
The following are a broad range of factors that can (but do not always) make a person more vulnerable to psychic attack or unwanted paranormal activity.
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Additional Notes and Details Regarding Possible Causes of Psychic Attack
Possible Indications / Symptoms of Psychic Attack
The following can be possible indicators of a psychic attack. Keep in mind that many of these things can have natural causes, so be sure to rule out obvious causes first before assuming you're under attack. With that said, many people second guess themselves and brush off real symptoms of psychic attack until it is too late. It's better to be safe than sorry!
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Additional Notes and Details Regarding Symptoms of Psychic Attack
Other Additional Notes
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