[WiML Workshop 2020] Participation Form
The 15th WiML Workshop is co-located with the virtual NeurIPS conference and will be held on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the WiML Workshop. This form allows you to request access to WiML Gather.Town world. Provided you are also registered for NeurIPS (with the same email you provide in this form), after submitting this form, wait a few minutes, then try to enter WiML Gather.Town world again. The link to access WiML Gather.Town world can be found in the program book https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IjXdrZ3aixPA-xIpv70nuljPUnecYoW0kLIjMBQzv-8/preview

If you have not yet registered for NeurIPS, register here: https://neurips.cc/Register2

Please note that our response time will be slower on the day of the workshop. If you still have access issues despite having 1) registered for NeurIPS; 2) filled out this form using your NeurIPS registered email:
- ****Read first few pages of**** https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rB53t-2jViyGzW8_hCU3FqJCFSKnhfo-BPxNMHJDo1I/preview to troubleshoot common issues that may arise when trying to enter WiML Gather.Town world.
- If you still cannot enter, send an email with a screenshot of your error message to hotline-tech-support-aaaac2nzvgfvaumvr4uyclytxa@wiml-workshop-2020.slack.com.

Data usage and sharing:
- You will be asked if you allow WiML to aggregate and anonymize your responses for use in WiML reports and publicity materials.
- You will be asked if you consent to specific information being shared with WiML sponsors.
First Name(s) *
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Email address you use to log in to the NeurIPS website (https://neurips.cc/accounts/login) *
This email must be registered for NeurIPS in order for you to gain access to WiML Gather.Town world. Please double check that you are providing the correct email here.
Position *
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If you have multiple affiliations, please provide all of them.
Gender identity *
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Timezone on day of the WiML Workshop (Wednesday, December 9th) *
Research topics of interest *
We will use this information for planning purposes, as well as match you to a poster mentee if you apply to be a poster mentor.
The workshop will have mentorship roundtables on career and general advice. For planning purposes, please select the one topic you would be most interested in receiving mentorship on.
Would you like to share selected information with WiML sponsors listed here (https://wimlworkshop.org/neurips2020) and NeurIPS organizers? *
If you would like to share your resume with WiML sponsors, submit it in the link below. Deadline: December 12th.
Link: https://forms.gle/dZmGGz35brLrM9D78. To submit your resume, you should identify primarily as a woman and/or nonbinary.
Do you allow WiML to aggregate and anonymize your responses in this form for use in reports and publicity materials that may be shared with current or prospective WiML funders, including but not limited to sponsors and government funding agencies, or publicly on WiML publicity channels, such as social media and website? *
I agree to abide by the WiML Code of Conduct (http://wimlworkshop.org/conduct/). *
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