For The Love of STEAM Workshop
Mari bergabung bersama Society of Women Engineers Affiliasi Jakarta dalam merayakan Engineers Week!

Tersedia STEAM workshops: Robotics, Coding, Microbit, Ice Cream Making, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machine, Spinning UFO, Rocket Launcher dan lain-lain

When: Saturday, 22 February, 2020, 9:00 - 16:00

Location: @Telkom Telstra, 88 Office Kasablanka
Jl. Casablanca No.88, RT.14/RW.5, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12870

Untuk Kelas 1 SD - 3 SMP. Terbuka untuk semua laki2/perempuan.

Tempat terbatas per sesi-nya, mohon untuk registrasi secepat mungkin.

Ticket Price: (*termasuk makan siang)
1) Paket Full-day (4 kelas) : Rp500.000
2) Paket Half-day (2 kelas) Rp300.000

Setelah menerima pendaftaran Anda melalui link ini (isi informasi di bawah), kami akan mengirimkan email konfirmasi.
Pendaftaran belum final jika belum menerima pembayaran.
Mohon melakukan transfer ke rekening BCA no 2190108701 atas nama Jane Aurora/Davida Gondohusodo.

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Pilihan Workshops. Pilih 2 kelas untuk paket half-day (jam 9:30-11:45, atau jam 13:15-15:30), atau 4 kelas untuk paket full-day. Kelas Coding atau Robotics, masing-masing kelas full day.
Description of Classes
Recommended Grade 1-2

Magic Balloon and Fizzy Colors
Kids will learn about Chemical Reaction. These two experiments will amaze them to watch how a balloon expand by itself. Kids will doing their own experiment like real scientists.

Ice Cream Party
Kids will make their own ice cream and enjoy it in just 30 minutes and make a DIY ice cream freezing box. We will also have fun with magic smoke show.

Illuminated Spinning UFO
Kids will create a replica of UFO that can shine when spinning.

Rocket Launcher
Kids will create a rocket that can blast off up to the sky.

Recommended Grade 3-4

Kids will make their own marble maze and take it home to play. We will also learn how to play marble in traditional way like old times

Ice Cream Party
Kids will make their own ice cream and enjoy it in just 30 minutes and make a DIY ice cream freezing box. We will also have fun with magic smoke show.

Washing Machine
Kids will work on a simple circuit and create a machine that functions just like a washing machine.

Vacuum Cleaner
Kids will make a machine that is able to suck light particles such as papers and tissue paper.

Recommended Grade 4-7

Introducing Micro:bit, a pocket-sized micro computer designed by BBC for Computer Education.Learn what makes a Computer and the cool ways we can invent our world with it. Join us to bring your code to the real world

Introduction to Physical Computing
Technology that you can wear

Recommended Grade 7-9 (Must be Full Day)

Coding: Intro to Mobile Create Your Own App with Kodular
Kids will create two projects: an app and a game
Requirement: bring your own laptop

Robotics: M-Bot: Future Smart Link
Kids will learn about basic robotics using Mbot (sensors, motors) and programming of the robots
Requirement: bring a smartphone/tablet (android 4 up) atau ipad (higher than ipad2)
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See You There and Let's Have Fun Learning! (Robotics class pictured)
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