Badlabecques Questionnaire
Firstly thank you so much for coming to our album launch gig. Mèrcie bein des fais! We hope you had a good time.

Please answer the questions below with as much or as little detail as you like.

If you are willing to take part in the focus group and can commit to three sessions of 45 minutes please indicate that below and make sure you leave your name and contact email address. This does not guarantee you'll be asked to take part, but I may well still contact you for further information anyway.

If you have any further questions for me please do email me on

Thank you very much for your contribution to my research!


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How would you describe Badlabecques to a friend?
Do you speak any Jèrriais? If so how much & where do you speak it?
Would you be willing to take part in the focus groups, consisting of three 45 minute sessions, spread over a few months? The first session will hopefully take place in November (venue TBC), followed by two more in 2018.
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Could you give a short reflection on the album launch - the good, the bad, highlights, feelings...?
Please use this space to say anything else you would like about the work that Badlabecques does, Jersey culture in general, the future of Jèrriais etc...
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