CRPTO Program and Activities Communication Form
1. Articles for The Blaze and/or Social Media Info (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) should be submitted TWO WEEKS in advance of when you’d like them published. Exceptions must be approved by the President
a. The Blaze is sent to the CRS Community via Constant Contacts EVERY week
b. Articles should be submitted in Word format
c. Articles should be 250 words or less
2. All documents (flyers and forms) should be submitted in .PDF format
3. All pictures and clip art should be submitted in .JPEG format
4. Be sure to include the following:
a. Dates
b. Times
c. Location
d. Contact information
e. Pricing, if applicable
i. Please include links, Sign Up Genius information, website or any other applicable information

Should you have any questions, please contact Thank you.

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