Call for Presentations: 2019 Oregon Urban & Community Forestry Conference "Making Space for Trees- designing tree friendly infrastructure for Oregon communities"
Oregon Community Trees and the Oregon Department of Forestry are pleased to announce a call for presentation proposals for its 2019 Oregon Urban & Community Forestry Conference. The conference is to be held Thursday, June 6, 2019 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. The conference participants includes arborists, city foresters, urban tree managers, landscape architects and contractors, tree care professionals, nursery professionals, students, academics, natural resources managers, municipal governments and local forestry leaders from communities across Oregon.

The conference committee is seeking presentation proposals that reflect the best thinking on how to design spaces with trees in mind. Proposals should focus on sharing results, lessons learned, and/or information about opportunities and resources. Of particular interest are speakers from small to medium-sized cities, from around the state, who can share practical tips and ideas.

CEUs from ISA, OLCB, SAF, ASLA, APA are typically offered at this conference.

Deadline January 10, 2019. Please email if you have any issues submitting your proposal and we will help you out.

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This conference features an afternoon workshop where facilitators and conference participants break out into small group discussions. If you have an idea for a potential topic that you'd like to see covered in this session, please list it here.
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Would you consider being a facilitator for the Small Group Discussion session? Facilitators will be helping to move the discussions along by asking probing questions, (which can be drafted ahead of time), or guiding pertinent topics that develop organically within the group. *
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